Sunday, 7 November 2010

Complaint #6: Chavs.

It came to my mind recently that i haven't done a complaint about this yet, so i must have been really, really happy.

Chavs - We've all seen them. Walking around in their nike shoes, canterbury tracksuits and adidas jackets. The more words they have on their clothing the less they can spell.

Without a doubt, a chav will NOT have long hair. The chav's hair will be gelled up in the most retarded fashion possible, and shaved into a "V" shape. The chavette's hair will be almost definitely pulled back to the point that the forehead is showing an imprint of the brain. If there is one.

Chavs, generally, walk around in groups (I feel like im writing a post for animal planet - i may aswell be.) They take "safety in numbers" to a new meaning, a pathetic one at that.

Im trying to figure out why im even bothering to write this post, but im going to stop now. Later.

- Irvine & JB.