Monday, 4 October 2010

Family Guy Review: And then there were fewer.

An epic start to a new Family Guy season. The residents of Quahog get invited out to James Wood’s private mansion, then the murder happens. No, it’s not Seth MacFarlane’s equivalent to CSI.. more Cluedo based actually. But it does make you wanna sit down until the end (because of curiosity and humour.)

It’s definitely my favourite family film to date (It’s being called an episode, but it’s 50 minutes long.) It’s packed with all the delightful Family Guy stuff we’ve came to love. Not as many cutaway jokes this time.

It features most of the loved characters. Including Herbert (The old pedophile we all love) and James Wood. It’s got all the one liners that only Family Guy could come up with.

“Everybody but Chris just keep your pants on and let's figure a way out of this.” – Herbert.

“I can't help feeling this would be sadder if she weren't heavy” – Stewie.

This episode has made a great start to Season 9, and I really hope that this quality stays up.
Irvine & JB.