Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Complain #5: Wannabes

How often is that you go into town, see a bunch of kids wearing black clothes, black nail polish, black hair with streaks of blue and green in them, and they call themselves “Metal”? A lil bit too often actually.

I admit, I do have long hair. Am I a wannabe? No. But, I have had the exact same conversation with several people. Classics include, “can you name 25 Sipknot songs?” and "do you listen to Children of Bodom? What’s your favourite album then?” These are the people who claim to be against downloading and have 200,000 songs on their iPod that they have “paid” for. This comes from the same people who look like they can barely afford some shampoo… and body spray.

Their choice of instrument is a guitar. Almost always, it’s a guitar. It’s also tuned down to drop A. And any song that comes out of someone’s phone with a guitar in it, that person will say, “I can play that.” I know someone, (name unsaid) who’s the biggest elitist I’ve ever seen in my life. I used the word “brutal” before, he over heard me and said “dude, that’s my fucking word, no one can say brutal other than me, man.” And he also claimed to be “brutal” because he listened to Metallica’s and Judas Priest’s whole discography in one night. Yeah, not mainstream at all.

To top it off, some are pretty damn ugly. I’m just being honest, but a shower and some clean clothes go a long way.

- Irvine & JB.