Sunday, 26 September 2010

Album Review #1: Rise against’s “Appeal to reason.”

So, I had been hearing a lot of bad things about Rise Againsts new album, So i decided to check it out for myself.
Let me tell you, The bad things were completely untrue.
Appeal to reason is a great new album, With songs like “Savior”, “Re-education (through labor)” and “Elective amnesia.”
The album, Although not so much going back to their roots, Shows over time that Rise Againsts sound still does not change, Combining a fast, strong drumbeat, With the bass and guitar and Tim Mcllraths amazingly distinctive voice creates a texture hard to beat.
In an interview Tim of Rise Against said: “This album focuses more on the message than our last albums.”  True, But the quality of the songs are still amazingly high, And my expectations were met.
In short: In my opinion this was a great album, A lot of great new songs and some amazing bonus tracks, I suggest you buy it now!
- Irvine & JB.

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