Sunday, 26 September 2010

Complaint #3: The music industry.

The music industry hasn’t been having much luck in since 1999. And the internet’s to blame. There’s lots of ways to get free music online, and there’s not much the music industry can do about it. Some of the most popular sites on the internet (YouTube?) have mass amounts of music on their servers. I don’t think that Universal or Sony can do much about that. And who’s to blame?
Well, ever since the internet, people didn’t really wanna leave their spinny computer chair. It got to the point where people didn’t wanna go out and buy an album. And ofcourse, because it was free, people started to download songs for free. While is great for the consumer’s pocket, it’s not so good for the musicians and CEO’s pocket.
People like free stuff! If the music industry and internet providers tried to put millions of pounds into blocking peer-to-peer networks and removing all the copy-righted music from YouTube and the likes, there would still be ways to get around it.
When a person downloads files, their IP address is available to all. Yet people still risk getting caught. Why’s that? Because they can’t be stopped! Even if it gets to the point where there is a way to prevent illegal downloading, there will always be another way. For example, before the internet, it was bootleg CDs!
My point in this complaint is that don’t be intimidated by illegal downloading. People will always pay for the CDs, even if it’s not you, some one will. Just don’t share thousands of songs where you actually risk getting caught.
- Irvine & JB

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