Sunday, 26 September 2010

Album review #2: Iron Maiden’s “Final Frontier”

The Final Frontier Review.
How long do bands keep together? And how long is it before they sell-out, or lose all their originality? Ah, least of all, how often do bands sound as good as they did 30 years ago? Well, one thing’s for sure, Iron Maiden still do what they did best: write epic music.
After four years of being out of the studio, breath taking tours, and flying about the world, Maiden come back a masterpiece, The Final Frontier. Has everything you’d expect from Maiden; thick distorted guitars, grooving bass, dramatic drumming, and Bruce Dickinson’s still youthful voice.
The album is a classic, only Maiden could pull something like it off. It has all the usual you’d expect from them, thriving melodies, strong lyrics, and amazing song writing. The albums starts off slowly, and drags you into it. The album is ruled over by astonishing songs such as, “Coming Home,” “Starblind,” “The Man Who Could be King.” But the whole album itself is gold for the ears.
To finish off, the album sounds like a bunch of Maiden’s unreleased songs from the 80s, just pure Maiden. They took the time to write not-so-radio-friendly music. You won’t hear this on your radio, so go buy it! This is one of my favourite albums to date, and probably the best metal album released in the last decade.. or two.
I would fully recommend to anyone with some decent music taste.
In my opinion, the least I can say about The Final Frontier is mind-blowing.
- Irvine & JB

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