Monday, 27 September 2010

Mobile phones.

Remember where phones could do one thing? And that was make calls and beep noises? And then texting came out. Then it was sending text and making more noises. Phones where so simple at this time, batteries lasted decades and phones could be bounced of a wall, and still work. Now if you drop a phone, it’s like dropping a plate of glass. It’ll shatter into 50 different pieces. Next thing you know you’re on the phone asking someone to fix this jig-saw for you.

Phones have moved far on since calling and texting only. Now, phones are practically mini, portable computers. Expect no one has a 12 mega-pixel camera in their laptop. And on top of that, laptops can’t really slip into your pocket, and can’t be held up to your ear. (Unless you’re Dom Joly)

Last time I borrowed someone’s phone (it was some top of the line touch screen) I couldn’t find the numbers. I had to use the phone as if it was an atlas, navigating here and there. Once the number was entered, I actually couldn’t find the stupid call button. Now, I’m not old fashioned, I absolutely love new things, but when they have a learning curve the size of the moon, something’s not right.

iPhone? It’s not much of a phone, is it? It does calls and texts. And then a few thousand applications here and there, and a HD Video camera built into it, and it’s an internet browser. Good “phone.”

I’m a sucker for new technology, if it wasn’t so stupidly over priced. It currently costs about £118 ($188USD) And then Apple sell it off for £500? I do admit, I’d love one, but I’m not paying a kidney and lung for something that’s gonna be obsolete in two years time. Anyway, I could buy this phone at a later date (at a fraction of the price) of someone who’s sold their leg to keep the thing running and up to date.

My point? Mobile phones are a rip-off, but no matter what, people will keep forking out money simply because it’s trendy.

Irvine & JB.


  1. I dont like how new phones break in like 6-9 months now

  2. yep so true, and they make them so they break, batteries don't recharge and then provide good deals to people who sign two year contracts. another great post thanx

  3. I bought an iPhone, but took it back. No way worth the money. I'm quite happy with my old phone, currently held together with tape.

    I want a phone for texts and calls, nothing more. That being said, I'm rarely away from a computer for more than a day.