Sunday, 26 September 2010

Complaint #2: The entertainment industry.

Justin Beiber, The Jonas brothers, Britney spears, Kylie monogue.
These are people you have heard of. But are any of them actually talented? No. They are not. They are ATTRACTIVE. That is the key word in this blog.
The reason most famous celebrities you see today are attractive is simple: More ratings and screaming fangirls wanting more.
Anybody can write a 3 minute song bragging about the girls they get, the car they have, Or in one case, im serious, The food they eat. There is slim to no talent left in the entertainment industry.
This can bring up a problem: If we find a way to get real music mainstream, then all those “hardcore” obnoxious metalheads, Will hate that too. Im not saying i have a problem with metalheads, But if you haven’t met a metalhead in your life who doesn’t act like he knows A-Z on the history of music, Then you are one lucky person. So the solution?
There isn’t one. We can’t put it mainstream, or only a few will continue to admire it, the majority of the herd will say things like “Sell outs” and “I listened to them before they were cool.”
The only way we can make this world observant to real music, Is to open peoples eyes. Not by showing them good music, but by telling them what it means, Showing them the message of the music. To really admire music, You must understand it.
True music is music written with passion, With feeling, And most of all, With message.
Don’t let music die.
- Irvine & JB.

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