Sunday, 26 September 2010

Complaint #4: Dress code in UK schools.

I think it’s fair to say, This is going too far.
After hearing countless god-damn reports on this, I decided to write a post on it.
A girl was expelled from her school for having two toned hair.
A girl was expelled from her school for having braided hair.
A guy had to have his hair shaved off for being too long.
Didn’t we make a word for when things like this came up?
Oh, that’s right:
In schools lately, These rules have been taken to far. No make-up, No oral piercings, No ear piercings, No jewellery, Guys hair must not go past the collar, No hair dye, No two tones, No spikes and let’s be honest, No individuality.
I mean they’ve already got us wearing uniforms for christ sake, Is this really necessary?
The last time i checked, Schools was for educational reasons, Not appearance.
Well apparently it’s okay to be un-educated as long as you look respectable to everyone else.
The worst thing about the whole damn situation is that most schools go around preaching individuality, Don’t follow the crowd, Be your own person ect.
It’s the biggest hipocracy i’ve seen in a while.
The idea of education has been replaced by “Lets all be little clones”.
We aren’t five anymore, We’re mature, We should be able to get piercings wherever we want and dye our hair any colour under the god damn sun.
We need to get rid of these damn rules, I agree with uniforms and i agree with nothing amazingly extreme (Liberty spikes, ect) But this is taking it too god damn far.
Leave a comment below if you agree with this statement, If not, Pass me that shit your smokin’.
- Irvine & JB.


  1. i was always so jealous of kids on tv in american schools, wearing their normal clothes. i know they think uniform here makes kids feel like they're in a team and working together, but it just suppresses their individuality.

  2. I agree. They're taking it to far.

  3. That is insane, other than private schools, we don't have to wear uniforms in the states.

  4. this why im glad i didn't go to a christian school..everyone i know that went to one said they like the fact that their clothes are already decided for them..but why be lazy like that. pick your own clothes, have some indiviuality, stop being like a robot and dress the way you want people to look at you as..first impressions matter and all uniformity does is are a robot

  5. Exactly, They preach about how you must be yourself, But they don't let you dress as yourself.

  6. I visited the UK once, it was a really cool place