Sunday, 26 September 2010

Picking up an instrument.

Picking up an instrument may be a daunting task to some at first. But it’s also very exciting. The first time I picked up a guitar, I thought “This ain’t gonna be easy.” I was right. My fingers bruised like a peach. My fingers got squashed easier than one to. And that was only chords.
After my fingers stopped being so sensitive. I tried to learn electric guitar. That was really confusing. Looking down, you see about two dozen frets, six strings. Playing chords was easy, because the teacher kept it (really, really) basic. But trying to learn electric guitar by being self taught was really confusing. After getting the hang of it, it all went up hill. It was a struggle. But it paid off. Big-time.
I’ve attempted keyboard many times. Been on and off it (mostly off) since I was eight. I can still only barely read music. How I passed my Music GCSE is one of the wonders of the world. I have to actually ask what note I’m currently playing on.
So, what’s my point?
It pays off. Truthfully, I’m terrible at piano, but I’m not bad at guitar. Even after a few months of playing guitar, I played with a few other guitarists and a small orchestra in-front of around fifty people. Nervous? Sure was. But, no one seemed to pay attention to the quiet, kinda out of tune guitars. It was really fun. Completely payed off in the end.
Starting to get serious into electric guitar after a few years, it was fun to play “this and that” in-front of a few people. It’s nice to show off now and then. A few months ago, I had my Music GCSE Practical test. Which means: Play guitar with a band, and a backing track. The backing track went okay. But playing with a band is so much fun. I’d recommend it to anyone of any instrument. Even if you only play the triangle.
A few weeks ago, someone had placed ten pianos laying around Belfast’s city center. I had the pleasure of playing one (it sounded beautiful) and even had a small audience of three of four people just passing by. While trying not to embarrass myself, it turned out pretty fun.
Writing your own music is also amazing. Even if no one hears it (like myself) it’s nice way to spend time. It boosts your confidence to hear someone say, “That was awesome.” It’s also very refreshing to have a few fans here and there.
I encourage everyone to pick up an instrument some time in their life. Or at least, try. It’s one of the best ways to spend time, it’s one of the most fun, and it’s definitely one of the most rewarding.
-Irvine & JB


  1. i first picked up a guitar about 9 years ago...i was so daunted by it at first that i didn't really progress for another 4 years, but now i'm much better. i'm not amazing or anything, but sometimes i surprise myself at some of the stuff i can do, it would have shocked me 9 years ago.

  2. looking forward to the next update...

  3. This is interesting, have a e guitar too.

  4. I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old, it was the best decision of my life. Totally changed the direction of my life in many ways.

  5. i played very short the guitar but i quit fast.
    Still would love to know how to play now.

  6. i play the guitar.. playing an instrument is a skill EVERYBODY should have, as far as i'm concerned

  7. I have a guitar, but I have the least idea how to play it. I have some lesson-book on how to play guitar my uncle gave to me (he is a professional musician), and I do it on and off. I play it for a week maybe, leave it for 2 months, forget what I learned, play for another week, ect. Oh well, one day. ;)

  8. i always wanted to play guitar, but my hearing just sucks :/

  9. nice guitar, and nice post, was a good read!